Tech Dominates Top Brands

In a testament to the impact technology has had on our lives and the world we live in, research company Millward Brown released a report on the top 100 brands yesterday, with the top four spots taken by technology companies. Google ranked number one, followed by IBM, Apple, and Microsoft, all literally household names cemented into our culture. The top twenty rounded out with other companies such as Oracle, Verizon, Hewlett-Packard, and RIM, makers of the venerable Blackberry. In a sign of the times, it is clear computing and wireless technologies have become cornerstones of daily business and personal life.  A few Chinese technology companies also appear on the list, including carrier China Mobile, signifying the value of the rapidly growing Asian market.

Clearly this trend will only continue, with our work and homes dominated by a growing reliance on technology. Only time will tell if this is a good or bad thing of course, with technology providing everything from communication and news, mobile computing , business applications, and ways to stay instantly connected to friends, family, and even work. What will the future hold? What will be the next great technological leap? Will Google take over the world? Will there ever be anything that trumps the mainstay Windows operating system?  What will the next killer app be, and wouldn’t you like to be the one that turns it into a household name? Post your thoughts and ideas! Feed the ether!

The top ten is below and you can view the full list here:

Brand Value
No. 1. Google $114.2 billion
No. 2. IBM $86.3 billion
No. 3. Apple $83.3 billion
No. 4. Microsoft $76.1 billion
No. 5. Coca-Cola $67.3 billion
No. 6. McDonald’s $66.0 billion
No. 7. MarlboroAltria $57.0 billion
No. 8. China Mobile $52.6 billion
No. 9. General Electric $45.0 billion
No. 10. Vodafone $44.4 billion

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