Pure FTP is a nice alternative to the standard VSFTP daemon that comes with many ”Nix flavors. It has the ability to authenticate against mysql, ldap, pam, and the passwd file. You can even chain the authentication methods together to check all or some of them if another fails, this is very nifty if you want a little redundancy in your logins. LDAP down? No problem! It”ll just use the next method you have enabled.

By default all configuration options are run at the command line when starting the server, but you can enable it to use a standard configuration file instead. I found it way easier dealing with the server this way. Setting up authentication with mysql was a snap, but of course required separate configuration of the db server to create the database, table, and users. If you want a quick and easy way of setting up users the regular old pam way will work by just creating them on the system.

Pure FTP is basically like vstfpd on steroids to me. The authentication options are nice and I”ll be giving it a try on my AD server at work to see how it goes. Centralizing the FTP logins by using Active Directory is an interesting idea. All in all, it”s a good alternative to my oft used vsftpd. You can find it at pureftpd.org



Just wondering whether you have succeed to integrate Pure-FTP with Active Directory for authentication.
If so, would you kindly share the steps?


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